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Wildlife Photography With An iPhone

March 27, 2011

I only bought my iPhone 4 recently (yes I was a late up-grader) and have hardly used the camera on it until now. One draw back of the iphone for wildlife photography is that with the lack of an optical zoom it makes taking close up photos near impossible, as being close to your subject will likely scare them away.

This week I bought the Glif Tripod Mount and set about looking for a way of taking photos of birds on the feeder in the garden. It didn’t take long and I soon came across an app called Camera Mic which cost 59p. This app enables the camera shutter to be noise activated, but more importantly, it can be activated via a bluetooth headset.

So yesterday morning I went out into the garden, set up my iphone on a tripod with the Glif approximately 12-18 inches away from the bird feeder and opened the Camera Mic app, then retreated back to the kitchen where I could keep an eye on it from the window. It didn’t take long for birds to start arriving and I began snapping photos by blowing into or tapping the mic on my bluetooth headset. Some of the photos were a little blurred due to the slow shutter speed on the iPhone, but most turned out well, and I soon got used to the right moment to take the photos when the birds were most static.

I did this with birds but I suppose it would work equally as well where any animal that could be tempted in front of the camera. These are two of the photos I’m most pleased with.

Blackbird eating dried fruit

Blackbird eating dried fruit

Goldfinch on a feeder

Goldfinch on a feeder

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