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iOS 4’s Save State and Quick App Switching Has Started To Annoy Me

July 15, 2010

When I first heard about these two features in the iPhone latest OS (before it was released) I was looking forward to being able to close an app, do something else and be as the same place that I left on when returning to it. But in practice I have found that it is one of the worse new features that Apple have introduced with iOS 4 .

Firstly the app switcher is a mess, one row of 4 icons, no indication if they are just recently used, save state, of actually doing anything in the background, and if you keep swiping to the right there are pages after pages of them, it looks like they will never end. So unless the recently used app you want happens to be within the first 8, it’s quicker to just launch it from it’s regular icon location or use spotlight.

Now onto my main gripe, they way “save state” works. EVERY SINGLE app that has been compiled for iOS4 and save state has it enabled, no option to just enable it for apps that I want it enabled for. Some apps I only use once a day, do I really want that app taking up memory app day just to save 1 or 2 seconds when I next launch it. My iPhone is jail broken so I can see what apps are using memory and how much I have free. Yesterday when I looked, apps that were running included, mail, messages, calendar, ToDo, gallery, camera, Hipstamatic, Twitter, Reeder, Podcaster and iPod, and my iPhones available memory was down to 28MB free. When the iPhone needs more memory it is supposed to close some open apps to free up memory for the one currently needing it, the problem is that it doesn’t seem to “close” them, they appear to crash. If Twitter for iPhone gets closed by the OS, the next time it is launched the timeline isn’t where it was when you last left it, it seems to jump back to where it was last time the app was opened from a closed state, this can be several hours earlier to where it should be. Even the built in apps suffer by this crashing too. If the calendar app is closed to free up memory the next time it is launched it goes through a “Loading” process, I’ve noticed this can take anything from between 5 to 15 seconds, FAR longer than it used to take with any of the 3.x versions.

When iOS 4 was released many people wondered if jailbreaking would still be necessary because the ability to run apps in the background was one of the main reasons for jailbreak. Well yes it is still necessary as far as I’m concerned because the backgrounder app enables me to globally disable save state and and native backgrounding, and just enable it for the apps that I actually require it for….. rant over.

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